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Since we founded 22 years ago, Team In India (part of the DotSquares group) has emerged as a pioneering leader in affordable online technology.

From humble beginnings in 2002 we've grown to become a permanent workforce of 1,000+ experts with 3 dedicated development centres in India and 2 brick & mortar offices in the UK.. We have provided services to over 15,000 clients and have developed more than 26,000 solutions in total.

We are a global, trusted brand and our clients span the US, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand and many other parts of the World.

An Insight Into What We Offer

Fully Google compliant natural search engine marketing & optimisation (SEO)

Professional pay per click agency and management services & reporting

Conversion optimisation to help increase website conversions & engagement

Responsive website design & development in line with Google recommendations

Effective social media marketing and visitor targeting

Local, National and International Search engine optimization

Our SEO Program Covers The Following Processes And Techniques

We, at Team In India strive to have a low client turnover and to have long term working relationships built on reliability and trust. We work around the clock and are never hesitant to try new strategies to get best results - far above expectations of our clients. We’re so confident about our work that we offer working arrangements without contract requirements. We work with business in and around London, around the UK and overseas. Our SEO and SEM is compliant, and we'll always ensure that the work we carry out is future proof and abides by all of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

We care about reputation and results, so our primary focus is on bringing out the best results with our absolute dedication to getting top of page 1 results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our SEO, Marketing, Design and Development is ethical, we operate by industry guidelines to ensure you get work that will deliver results well into the future.

One of the most significant strategies of marketing is to create better profits and more brand consciousness. Regardless of the route in between, unavoidably, profit is critical for ongoing business growth and development. We, at Team In India recognize the importance of profit and use this as a goal when marketing the business through either Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing or Direct Marketing. We’ve got the experience and the SEO strategies that can increase your profits by utilizing a mix of PPC and SEO, carefully balanced to go after quick wins in search.

All marketing channels should be cost efficient; however it can depend on the business and the way in which the SEO campaigns are managed. Team In India firmly believes that the most cost efficient marketing strategies are a blend of Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. Usually, some of the extra revenue generated by Pay Per Click is used to fund the on-going process of Search Engine Optimization, so that the client technically avoids spending any of the marketing budget, however this is reliant on the client marketplace.

Company politics can be a reason for unnecessary delay in the planning and successful launch of any marketing campaign. Some large blue-chip corporations and medium-size business utilize separate agencies for each marketing channel which can delay decision making, implementation or project communication. However, Team In India is proficient to independently setup, run and manage marketing campaigns for clients without the requirement of continual client feedback. We can work with any third parties, agencies or marketing managers, which means if your business needs a marketing shake up you can reach out to us for assistance.

We provide SEO & PPC services to our clients all across the world to help significantly augment experience to business looking to profit in their respective countries. Our web marketing agency provides detailed and distinguished marketing services and social media services. We help business globally in optimizing their website for organic search and we can assist you if you want us to.

Search Engine Marketing, a combination of different marketing channels carried out on the internet is another one of our services. The most popular channels are search, display ads and Pay Per Click, which when combined can generate a lot of website traffic and increased business turnover. The SEO professionals at Team In India help business to fully utilize the search engine marketing strategies to get best results. We'll increase website traffic, conversions, customer loyalty, conversion rates, social media saturation, brand awareness and more. Good search engine marketing involves increasing user engagement, improving user journey, producing semantically relevant copy, satisfying user intent, adopting SCHEMA & structured data, improving click through rates and enhancing performance cross-device, cross-platform.

Content is the backbone of every website whether it is textual content or media based content (images / videos). Our content marketing strategies and copywriting service is built on relevancy and quality. We produce high quality engaging content that will help drive brand recognition, better conversion rates, natural link growth and better performance in search. Our content marketing services will help your business earn better reader engagement online, ultimately building a lot of traffic and readability of your website. We do amazing content marketing which is highly effective and is useful not only for on-site purposes, but also in the pursuit of link baiting, brand trust development and citation.

Analytics data is important for insights, reporting and marketing strategy development for business. We, at Team In India use Google Analytics and other advanced tracking solutions to find out what works and what doesn't. Using analytics data we can learn about audiences, and their behavior – using a website, transactions, as well as what acts as the reason behind a successfully converted client. This data that we calculate is then used to formulate ongoing strategies that are adapted to increasing sales / enquiries and user engagement. We work with Google Analytics, SitePoint, KISSMetrics, Clicky, WOOPra, Switchboard Free and other platforms.

Team In India offers training and consultancy services for business looking to develop their own internal marketing teams. We offer both SEO training and PPC training that is flexible and tailored to specifications / business requirements. We offer a comprehensive SEO training schedule designed to educate and inform on all aspects of SEO from on-site to off-site optimization.

Reliability is the key to any successful marketing relationship. Team In India consists of search marketers with a minimum of 8 years experience - ensuring that your business gets the best results not just from organic improvements but also from conversion optimization. We are true SEO specialists delivering significant return on investment. If you are looking for the best SEO specialists, you can seek help from us and we will certainly provide you with amazing results.

Here are six key reasons why
New Zealand and Austrailian agencies choose to partner with us


Competitive rates

Even though our service is a cut above the rest, we remain competitively priced. Our developer rates start from as little as $12/hr

Agencies who work with us enjoy making more profit per client and have a higher throughput of projects.



We are CMMI level 3 appraised and members of the Agile Alliance, which is your assurance that we have processes and safeguards in place to ensure the delivery of a high quality finished product, each and every time.

Read more about our CMMI appraisal.



Our massive permanent workforce is comprised of designers, developers and PMs. You can hire as many or as few of them as you need - on a per project or retained basis.

This flexibility means that you’re never paying for skills and time that you’re not using.


In-house expertise

Every one of our 1,000+ designers, developers and project managers in the UK, India and Worldwide are directly employed by us, and they work in offices that are owned by us.

This enables us to ensure continuity of knowledge and in fact, many of our team members have been working with the same clients for years - maintaining consistently high quality, reliability and efficiency at all times.


Security &

Your contract of engagement is with our UK company (DotSquares Ltd), so our liability to you is governed and protected by UK law.

This is a very important detail that sets us apart from many offshoring companies. Furthermore, all Intellectual Property Rights & source code are yours, forever.


The original, and best

We’ve been servicing UK businesses like yours with offshore teams for 22 years. In fact, we were one of the first companies to set up this offshore business model, back in 2002. Since then we’ve completed over 26,000 projects (at last count, and we are still growing!) Our scalability provides you with the best talent backed up by guarantees and consumer protection, whilst our attention to detail, perfectionism and personal service still makes every customer feel very special indeed.

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We're CMMI DEV/3 appraised, which means that our processes follow detailed, consistent steps to ensure that our projects are delivered accurately and on-time.

sales sales

We take the time to properly and carefully assess your requirements, and we are there to answer your queries and concerns from the outset.

Through this initial consultation we are able to develop a scope of work for your project.


We then supply a proposal including a costs estimate and project timeline plan, for you to review. There's no pressure and we are always on-hand to answer any further questions that you might have.

When you are 100% happy with everything and confirm, the project begins.

Project project

Designs are hand crafted by our creative team - influenced by your guidance, ideas and inspiration together with industry best practice. At each stage we invite you to review the work and provide feedback.

Better user experience

Designs focus on both ease of use and attractive UI for an exceptional user experience.


Development begins when the designs are signed-off. Our amazing hard-working developers carefully yet swiftly code your project to pixel perfection.

Agile management

We adhere to Agile Alliance standards, and at every stage you have project access to enable you to provide running feedback.

Delivery delivery
Quality Assurance

We perform thorough UAT testing and ensure standards compliance so that we confidently deliver a high quality product, time after time.


When your project is ready to launch we set up your live services and re-test everything, to ensure that your launch is perfect in every way.

In the unlikely event of any issues we are on hand 24/7 to respond swiftly.

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